Cougars & Cubs, Mature Women, Young Men & BoyToys

Dating Cougars & Cubs isn’t for the average John & Jane Doe. Cougars are Mature Women, who are often solid, striking and experienced. Cubs on the other hand are Young Men seeking experience and wisdom in an older woman. Cougars & Cubs can be BoyToys & GirlToys, depending on the nature of the relationship.

Older ladies are often attracted to Young Men & Women, where age is not an issue. Cougars seek love, affection and the excitement of hooking up with a physically fit and more inexperienced Cub.

An ideal younger partner reignites the once lost passion and sets fire under a Cougars skirt! A Cub or Kitten is his alias and he is increasingly daring, vigorous and more eager to try out new things.

Furthermore, an ideal Older partner fuels the relationship with needed experience in bed along with wisdom. Often resulting in a truly rewarding & romantic relationship between a Cougar and Cub.

“Whenever a lady turns 40, a cougar is born” 

Self-assured and matured are used to describe most Cougars. They are typically over 40 years of age. They recognize what they need in a relationships and pursues it regardless of whether society believes it’s taboo or not. 

Sugar Babies are to Sugar Mommas the equivalent to Cubs / Kittens / Young Men & Young Women / BoyToys & GirlToys. Cougars and Sugar Mommas are fundamentally the same.

However, while Sugar Mommas relationships blossoms by “giving sugar” in exchange of gifts and lavish life style! Cougars rewarding dating relationships on the other hand depends on fascination, experience and adore. 

A cougar can be rich or not and interacts with her cub like a normal sentimental accomplice and expects him / her to do the same. There is in a general sense a stronger bond in between a Cougar and a Cub, since economical status is insignificant. 

How does Mature Women & Young Men dating work? 

Fascination is the probably the more important driving factor than that meets the eye. However, one can’t disregard maturity, assurance, experience and mutual respect from the equation. All this helps build and strengthen the relationship and keeps a Cub return for more. 

Most cougars tend to pay attention to their physicality and are therefore more attracted to looks. For them, the enthusiastic, amusing, and bold characteristics of the youth are an all-out turn on. In addition, Young Men and Young Women rarely bring baggages like kids and divorcement issues etc. Which makes it an optimal situation for Cougars in general. 

Goal-oriented, open-minded and liberated is a mindset often found in separated or widowed Cougars. Thus, dating older men and women of their own age may often prove to be excessively controlling. In a Cub a Cougar often sees sexual liberation and a safehaven free from control and ego. 

To put it plainly, a more youthful man or lady revives the youthfulness in a cougar and makes her feel young once again. Numerous male and female cubs finds solace in the bedroom, while great looks are not a prime concern.

Cubs are especially drawn by Cougars independence, which is a contrast to the usual drama and lack of individuality a same aged partner brings to the table . 

Like any other relationship, Mature Women & Young Men dating has its pros and cons. However, Cougars and Cubs seem to find comfort in such settlements and are able to get the best of it.  

BoyToys & GirlToys Seek Rewarding Dating Relationships in Mature Women

Both the Hetero and LGBT community has it’s share of BoyToys & and GirlToys often used for sexual purposes. Warehouse is one of the biggest Hetero dating websites for more aged ladies and young men. Moving forward, we will discuss it from a straight couples point of view, however the subject is universal.

BoyToys & GirlToys and older ladies dating is nothing new. It’s a relationship based on age-gap, where the male is more youthful than the female. Somewhat not quite the same as a Sugar Daddy/Momma and Sugar baby relationship. Compared to a Sugardating relationships, the Cougars and Cubs relationship is less materialistic.

Luxurious gifts and a lavish lifestyle is the path for a small percentage of BoyToys & GirlToys. Sexual objects is unfortunately the path for the majority of BoyToys & GirlToys.

As per site declaration, Mature Women often leave Warehouse with the freedom and extended appreciation for genuine connections. Often found on our Website & App Sugarlove®.

A true pioneer among alternative Sugardating Sites / Apps

Sugarlove is a pioneer among alternative sugar dating sites / apps, that no longer divides people into gay sugar daddy, lesbian sugar momma or gay/lesbian Sugarbabes.

Why, because Sugarlove is about finding a Soulmate first and foremost, in order for the mind and body to follow in a healthy and organic fashion. Henceforth “Emancipation Of ( Traditional ) Sugardating”.

Feel free to sign up today and understand why we have started the revolution “Emancipation Of Sugardating”. Along with the piercing motto “Organic Sugardating Of The Free Spirit”! 

Create a profile that reflects you and your “CORE” values along with the sensual desires a potential soulmate has to meet. Remember to write an on point description in the “About Me” section, because potential Sugardaters are reading it.

Your income and other superficial hurdles are no longer necessary, since your main focus is the higher unity of “Mind, Body & Soul”. Join for free “NOW” by creating an account!

Life isn’t perfect, but your Sugar Babies, Mamas & Daddies Mind, Body & Soul can be.

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