Mind, Body and Soul Dating App/Site: 25 Tips To Balance

Mind, Body and Soul Dating App/Site: 25 Tips To Balance

The perfect solution for those who hate online dating, don’t have the time for it, or are guilty of one too many impulse signups.

25 Steps Program Towards Perfect Balance Of Your Mind, Body & Soul

Health, diet and exercise are usually the first things that come to mind, when working towards balance of the Mind, Body and Soul. Our Dating App/Site is the perfect platform for soul searching. Our goal is to match you with a potential soulmate, who is not only attracted to your social standing, but first and foremost your Mind, Body, and Soul.

We can connect you with a dating coach and a Sugarlove® Guru, who will tailor you a personal 25 step program towards the balance of the Mind, Body, and Soul. Making it easy for you to connect with the soulmate of your dreams. Your soulmate can be a man or a woman, including a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama or a Sugar Baby.

Simple Tips for Balancing your Body, Mind and Soul

Living a quality life has become many people’s priority especially at this moment when our lifestyles are becoming more and more questionable and unhealthy. Whenever we think about improving the quality of our life, the first thing that pops up is health

We mainly associate health with nutrition and exercise. This implies that in order to be perfectly healthy, you need to take care of your physical body. This is not enough. Our physical body is connected to the mind and whenever we are stressed or anxious, our body is negatively affected. We lose appetite, become weak and sometimes get very sick.

Our bodies and minds need equal attention when it comes to overall health. How can we achieve this? Here are 25 tips to help you in your journey. 

Spend Less Time Sitting

Our current working conditions demand that we sit behind desks while working on computers. This could cause obesity, heart disease, anxiety, diabetes among other life threatening conditions. Stand and walk around from time to time while in the house or office. 

Exercise Daily

Commitment to daily exercise is not natural to most people. Exercises have unlimited benefits including improved physical health, strong heart and healthy mind. For those who are too busy, spend at least 15 minutes jogging, walking or cycling on a daily basis. 


Meditation is not just for the spiritual people. It is beneficial to everyone and can help in improving memory, creating focus, better sleep, mental health and creativity. Dedicating a few minutes to meditating in the morning and evening will help improve overall health. 

Read and Engage the Mind with Informative Content

Reading and learning on a constant basis will make you smarter and improve your brain power. It also reduces stress, improves sleep and enhances social skills. Read informative books, enroll for courses and watch documentaries.

Practice Some Yoga

Yoga protects your spine, increases blood flow, relaxes the body and improves your mood among very many other benefits. It is the perfect exercise for balancing your body, mind and soul. Dedicating at least 30 minutes to yoga every day will improve your overall health. 

Spend Time Outdoors

Get off the screens and spend some time hiking, cycling walking in the forest or doing something that connects you to nature. This is a great way of relieving stress, restoring mental energy and keeping fit. 

Eat Organic Food

A lot of the processed food we eat causes both short term and long term health problems. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to improve your immunity and reduce the chances of getting both short term and long term health problems. 

Volunteer or Participate in Activism Projects

Volunteering builds social connection and improves mental wellbeing. Doing something good for societal benefits gives us purpose and makes us look forward to the next day and doing more good with others. 

Work on Your Passions

Our current economic state requires us to work for so many hours that we do not set aside some time to do what makes us happy. Make time for your hobbies and this will help relieve stress and improve overall health. 

Practice Gratitude

Many times we focus on the bad things happening around us and forget to be grateful for the good things and people around us. Thinking about what you are grateful for will help reduce any form of anxiety and mental stress.

Listen to Music

Listening to music, singing and dancing is known to have a lot of health benefits. It lowers stress levels, improves your mood and increases blood flow. Make a habit of listening to music on a daily basis.

Practice Kindness

Being kind to others is known improve your attitude towards life and overall health. Feel-good hormones are released, anxiety is reduced and you develop a healthier heart. Be intentional about daily acts of kindness.


Sleep deprivation is known to cause a lot of health problems including anxiety, chronic fatigue, and memory loss among others. 7 to 9 hours of sleep is recommended for healthy bodily functions.

Follow a Meaningful Career Path

When chasing money, we find ourselves working in highly stressful environments that keep us from chasing our dreams. An enjoyable and meaningful career path will keep us happier and improve overall health. 

Switch to Natural Beauty Products

A lot of cosmetic products have chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. Switch to all natural, organic, chemical-free products for improved hormonal health, clean bloodstream and healthier skin. 

Don’t Be Bothered by Little Things

Very often we worry about small things that are beyond our control. Letting go of certain situations and not complaining about them for too long will reduce stress and anxiety. This is crucial for your general wellbeing.

Get Rid of Harsh Chemicals Used for House Cleaning

Many cleaning agents have harsh chemicals that affect the body especially when inhaled. To maintain a healthy respiratory system and prevent chronic diseases, purchase products with organic ingredients.

Get Some Rest From Time to Time

We spend so much time working, moving up and down and solving problems. Slowing down and resting will help you replenish your energy and boost brain function. It also reduces any form of stress and anxiety.  

Don’t Please Anyone

Worrying about what other people think of you and doing what they want is harmful to your mental health. Have a stand in life, know what you want believe in yourself and live the life you want without other people’s opinion. 

Identify and Remove all Causes of Stress in Your Life

Unhealthy relationships, bad working environments and clutter are some of the major causes of stress in our lives. Getting rid of them will help in maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul. 

Avoid Negativity Such As Gossip

Surrounding yourself with a lot of negative energy affects your perspective in life and can cause a lot of anxiety. Stay away from gossip and any dramatic events that are likely to create negative energy.

Travel and Interact with People from Different Cultures

Different people from different cultures enlighten us on other ways we can live and enjoy life. Travelling and interacting with people enhances social skills, boosts brain power and makes us happier.

Use Natural Healing Alternatives

Medication from pharmaceuticals have some dangerous side effects. Consuming healthy foods, herbs and oils with the help of holistic health practitioner is an effective way of maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul.

Forgive Yourself

Past mistakes and fear of making them again paralyze us from moving forward with life in a healthy manner. This can cause anxiety and other mental health problems. The only solution is to learn from mistakes and continue living fearlessly.

Laugh a Lot

Living cautiously, worrying a lot and thinking about past troubles keeps us from enjoying the little moments and laughing at the silly things in life. Spend time with loved ones, laugh with them and this will improve your mental health and overall wellbeing. 

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