Mind, Body & Soul Tips

The perfect solution for those who hate online dating, don’t have the time for it, or are guilty of one too many impulse signups

25 Steps Program Towards Perfect Balance Of Your Mind, Body & Soul

Health, diet and exercise are usually the first things that come to mind, when working towards balance of the Mind, Body and Soul. Our Dating App/Site is the perfect platform for soul searching. Our goal is to match you with a potential soulmate, who is not only attracted to your social standing, but first and foremost your Mind, Body, and Soul.

We can connect you with a dating coach and a Sugarlove® Guru, who will tailor you a personal 25 step program towards the balance of the Mind, Body, and Soul. Making it easy for you to connect with the soulmate of your dreams. Your soulmate can be a man or a woman, including a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama or a Sugar Baby.