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BoyToys & GirlToys are very common phrases in today’s dating world. BoyToys are young men seeking older, richer women for money and companionship while GirlToys are young women seeking older richer men for financial resources and companionship. Older women or sugar mummies seek younger men for love and physical excitement. They spend time with them and when their physical needs are satisfied, the young men are rewarded financially.  Older men or sugar daddies seek younger women mainly for sexual satisfaction and sometimes accompaniment to business meetings. In return, the girls are showered with gifts and monthly allowances.

An important point for those young men and women who want to be BoyToys & GirlToys is that they need to be physically attractive. Young men are required to go to the gym and get physically fit. Young women are advised to groom themselves and stay fit as well. Older men and women pay attention to the physical attributes of their younger companions. They are amused by their strength, enthusiasm and confidence as they live a free spirited life. As for the sugar daddies and sugar mummies, all they need is abundant financial resources to take care of their younger partners.

There is a variety of platforms exclusively set up for those seeking BoyToys & GirlToys. Whether you are a heterosexual or part of the LGBT community, there are many websites and apps that can help you find a potential partner. This also applies to the sugar daddies and sugar mummies looking for younger men and women. There are also platforms that are all inclusive and one does not need to be from a specific group of people based on sexual orientation. If online dating is not your style, you can find potential partners in social gatherings such as parties and networking events.

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